Wednesday, February 27, 2013

CCI sells.

CCI moves to a 100% cash position joining the JTS on the sidelines. I opted to hold my XIV yesterday despite a sell signal by the JTS yesterday, which was about as marginal a signal as I've ever seen. So that worked out pretty well. Looks like I'll still be taking a loss on my XIV. TNA would've been a better choice this time as it was a winner. Hindsight...

 I mentioned in the comments that I'm leaning bearish due to a potentially large and structurally perfect broadening megaphone on the SPY hourly. I wonder if the market wants to re-tag the upper trendline again before either breaking out or collapsing again. That's way up at SPY 154. Plenty of liquidity and strong seasonality to assist. Time will tell. I'm heading to 100% cash along with the JT Comp. Thanks!


  1. 'twas able to get 4 pts on premkt to get back long on the half I sold yesterday. Nice improvement. Gap up today was miniscule, so not worth playing. Out half-again w/you, J... hoping I can snarf 4 more points on this either tonight or in premkt tomorrow (likely a gap up open).. Will exit the rest there. If no gap up open, I'll dump the rest at today's close price.

    Lovin' this mkt action... she's really opened-up!