Thursday, January 10, 2013

JTS Shorts. JT Comp 100% short.

The JTS is sensing a good shorting opportunity today.  It will go short on the close, which moves the JT Composite all-in short.  A few things to mention, I would not short TNA this time of year.  Shorting XIV is out also, due to contango.  IMO, it's probably best to short the SPX.  I would be purchasing some SPXU today...   How much SPXU would I purchase?  Not too much.  Liquidity via the Fed's POMO is strong all month meaning if you go short right now you're fighting the fed.  They say don't do that. :)  If I were trading, I'd probably go 40-50% short keeping 50-60% cash.

2012 stats are all done and I should be able to post them this evening.   Heads up for that. 



  1. I will not short before end of trading tomorrow. 1st. we are close to spx last year highs, target 1494, 2nd new moon day tomorrow so expecting a final push towards 1500. good luck to all

  2. I look forward to seeing the 2012 stats. Thanks, J.

  3. Put on a YM short in A/H @ 13435. Will short a gap up open tomorrow above today's HOD. But, still, overall, keeping it smaller than usual and taking profits earlier than usual.