Wednesday, January 30, 2013

100% Cash

CCI moves to a long position while JTS remains short. JT Comp moves to all cash and I'm right there with it. Exiting TZA... Thanks!


  1. followed the move for a 4% loss, but i have faith in your system. i do however think tomorrow could be a big down day considering what this afternoon looked like. thanks for all your hard work and keep it up!

    1. Thanks, and I tend to agree with you, especially considering the JTS is still short. I would love to stick around to find out, but gotta follow my strategy.

  2. Nice one, J... I, too think this thing has a smidge further to go... SPX 1493 for starters... The low VIX is just keeping us from having much range. That sux, but it's part of trading.

    NDX daily needs to break out of that sideways consolidation she's been stuck in for the past month. That should wake up the VIX.

  3. If we can close SPX down around 1487 or lower, I'll reel in all profitable shorts I have at that time , and, at least, play the gap that is expected for tomorrow morning via YM longs, if not hold for a swing back up, again. Won't know about that decision (gap vs swing) until today is done and how I see we gap Friday.