Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Hold signals.

Nothing new today.  All systems are generating hold signals.  This keeps the JT Comp sidelined as the JTS remains long and the CCI is still short.



  1. It's turning into an epic struggle between JTS and CCI.

    Thanks for the updates, J.

  2. No struggle... this is exactly what I forecast a few days ago -- we are into shit-for-range trading action here... look at those tiny daily candles the past 4 days... So many systems will just stop giving signals, or get whipsawed, when such action happens.

    Took a bunch of my profits on my shorts today as we cleared 3-day lows .... only a little left here and stops in place on the profits. I'll buy any gap down open tomorrow. Getting ready to swing back long. Time to go screw them bears who are short this.

    Bears need to get their act together if they wanna do anything w/this. For now the are powerless. They need to clear 12/20 Sp500 close, on close. And that's a ways down there, so it's not likely going to happen.