Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hold shorts.

Nothing new today with the systems. All systems remain 100% short SPXL. Thanks! J


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    1. What? "wooo hoo, great call" proclamation today, Alex?....

      Just kiddin'

  2. I only do that on odd numbered days, JKH.

  3. SPY close higher than open 11 consecutive days now. Higher lows last 6 days. Even yesterday with all its gyrations, the previous day low was not violated. Signs of a strong, determined, resilient market. Yet, the odds would suggest a down day is overdue.

  4. Put on some YM & NQ shorts here in premkt... they ran yesterday's HOD on YM... pretty obvious place to try so we'll see how this does. If they fade the gap, I'll move stops to B/E+1

    1. I shorted NUGT on Thuesday at closing from 10.47 for very respectable profit and closed it yesterday at closing i opened long position for SPXU yesterday at closing i picked SPXU because it s pretty oversold

      good luck to all