Thursday, October 4, 2012

Still cash.

The JTS will stay long while the CCI will remain short with a 2nd consecutive short signal.  Tough call for tomorrow with the jobs report on tap - not sure what way it's going to break.  I'll remain patient on the sidelines alongside the JT Comp.  See ya tomorrow. 


  1. Wow, cash, cash, and more cash... Market just can't figure out what it wants to do...

    Hype Mom&Pop, then sell to them?

    Any rumors out there we can buy or sell?

  2. Continued to take profits on longs... if we gap up big open tomorrow, I'll finish doing that and start doing shorts.

  3. Hi J,
    What is the current Healthy/Unhealthy SPY floor. 139.39 or 142.95? You say 10 candles. From today or last high?

    1. It's an odd set up b/c it's been more than 10 days since the swing high, yet we are still in an uptrend. I'm going to call it 142.95.

  4. JTS giving a strong short signal today...JT Comp likely going 100% short. Just an early FYI.