Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting longer...

Both systems will hold their long position keeping the JT Comp 100% long.  As long as we remain healthy and long-biased according to my two systems I will continue to add to my XIV position.   Not sure why the VIX is down nor do I know if this is good or bad... Arguments could be made either way. 

Take care and we'll see ya tomorrow.


  1. Thanks, J.

    I'd be interested to hear views about how VIX behaved today.

  2. S&P downgrades Spain again.... EURUSD/XIV dropping after hours..

    I'm long XIV... but this doesn't bode well.

    J-Trader, will you be using the half stop if we gap further down tomorrow morning? Thanks.

  3. Love the downgrade... allowed me to get some stuff on sale, below LOD, in fact! Some times it pays off to not be home all day. This was one of 'em.

    J, our plan was good, and once again, this is why it's great to have a human at the helm... From yesterday: "Like you, though, I'm leaving room to add lower. This thing doesn't look like it's done going down yet... " Bingo! And yet another nice down day.

    Nice sale-in-the-markets here. Love the relative strength in the Russell. Even grabbed some ES futs for a gap up open tomorrow (from this level here, in A/H).

    I'm still not done adding yet, though... if we get a good down open tomorrow, I'll add there.

    How many here remember the crappy range-less markets we had just a month ago, now? This rocks! Bring on the volatility!

    1. Yes, as long as we are on the right side of the volatility. :) Today we got lucky... for some reason the vix was down...due to no fear/complacency? who knows....

      I too don't mind seeing the downgrade. The past several big downgrades I always seemed to be short and the downgrades gave the market a bid. Let's see if the trend continues.

      Futs are flat as I type. Good luck all.

  4. Interesting morning. So far, equity and gold futures are up, but XIV is down.

  5. Good morning to all

    Tna still holding long
    soxs long position closed yesterday
    soxl long
    xiv still waiting confirmation from my system

  6. Nice to see that XIV has changed directions. I guess that's why they call it volatility.

  7. JTS is looking bearish, sporting a short signal with expectations of more downside in the short term. CCI is probably going to stay long unless we see a massive bounce this afternoon. Looks like we could be headed back to cash on the close.