Friday, October 5, 2012


We had a strong JTS short signal this morning but lost it due to intraday weakness.  Now the JTS is producing a hold signal keeping it long, while the CCI remains short.  This keeps the JT Composite system in cash.  I should have time this weekend to update stats for those that were wondering.  See ya Monday.



  1. J, sorry to hear you're not short yet. Maybe they'll pop it up again, Monday, for ya to get in. But, if they don't, and then if we start rolling down (not on a gap open down) through today's LOD, the bears should resume control. Tx for the buy signal several days back. Made some good coin w/ya on that. Today, I followed my plan from yesterday "if we gap up big open tomorrow, I'll finish (selling longs) and start doing shorts." Exited the last of my longs, started building shorts and was hoping you'd be w/me. I enjoy your company, afterall... ;-)

    Daily NDX has a H&S and CrAPPL is trying to trigger its H&S. SPY re-tested the gap down from 9/17, and, again it held. What a slow-pitch for the bears here. Hope they can convert!

    Off for a vacation for a few days... see ya next week.