Friday, September 28, 2012

JTS Long?

If SPY closes 143.79 or lower the JTS and JT Comp will move back to 100% long. Otherwise no changes today. Thanks.

Sept Trades
Date JT CompositeTNAJ-TraderCCI
Aug 30 Long55.52LongLong
Sep 3 ClosedHoldHold
Sep 4 Half Long58.21SellHold
Sep 5 Cash58.30HoldSell
Sep 6 Half Short61.57HoldShort
Sep 7 Half ShortHoldHold
Sep 10 Cash62.04LongHold
Sep 11 CashHoldHold
Sep 12 Short63.36ShortShort
Sep 13 ShortHoldHold
Sep 14 ShortHoldHold
Sep 17 ShortHoldHold
Sep 18 ShortHoldHold
Sep 19 ShortHoldHold
Sep 20 ShortHoldHold
Sep 21 ShortHoldHold
Sep 24 Half-Short64.93HoldCover
Sep 25 Long62.29LongLong
Sep 26 Long60.91LongHold
Sep 27 Cash62.95ShortHold
Sep 28 CashHoldHold


  1. Tx, J and good call on the exit and re-entry. Glad to have you back w/me. I was surprised that we could not take out Thursday's HOD on Friday. Too bad. So, instead I picked up some YM down cheap Friday. Great odds for a gap up open Monday, too. As long as the bulls hold the 9/27 gap on SPX, the long will be golden. But I doubt bulls can get this thing over 1458. If they do, the bears had better look out. I'll be unloading longs near there. So, we got some tight trigger points here.... up or down.

    And now for the plunge to prove I'm not a robot.... ;)

  2. Sorry about that robot thing. I looked into it but found no way of disabling it. I sent a complaint, or should I say request to Google/Blogger/Blogspot about giving the webmaster the option to remove or disable the "feature", but so far nothing...

    1. The Night Owl said she did, maybe you can ask her how she did it.

    2. Well yeah I did it (it's an option in Settings -> Comments). But then I had to turn it back on again two days later because I was getting too much spam. I'd love to see Google switch to a different form of verification, but good luck getting hold of any human being there.

    3. Thanks, found it! We'll see how it goes. Since I'm not nearly as popular as you, Michele, I should receive zero spam. :)

  3. Dear J
    If it was not generous enough for you to share and (more painstaking) maintain this blog, it is most endearing to see you go the extra half-dozen steps to try disabling the verification feature for commenters.

    Thanks for everything and best of luck with your trades.
    I also want to thank all the other SMEs here without naming any one in particular. It is great to get to read your thoughts.
    Have a great week ahead.

  4. Wow I am up 22.45% since last week soxl tna xiv . and for 2012 i am up 237%

  5. Wow, you're really good. I wish I were as good a trader as you, but, unfortunately, I'm not. I can't wait to hear more about how good you are.

    1. All i can say, (Do not trade human judgement and emotions) if you wanna be good one. You all quit trend last Thursday buy i keep riding I trade my system not my emotions

    2. System, what system... oh, wait... that has been asked already.

    3. I'm confused a little... What trend did we quit last Thursday? Up or down?

    4. Alex,

      Well, I still have my XIV and I haven't made any more; matter of fact, I am lower since J's sell signal... my fault

      But then again, it sounds like you day trade, which is not what most people here do...

      So I am not sure why staying on trend is a good thing...

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  7. I am planing to share my system in the future but.... I don,t trust human judgement. Trading ETF funds requires a lot of Discipline. People have no discipline when we go down they get scare and panick sell that why is too hard sharing your system Alygro

    52 trade since last 3th January 45 trade is winner

  8. And he's answered. His system, the one that's making him all that money. Do you realize that if he started 10 years ago with an investment of $1000, it would be worth more than 7 million now. And I'm sure he started with more than that. I have no doubt that Alex is a generous fellow and is going to start sharing his system very soon so we can all be rich together.

    And let me be the first to thank you, Alex, for offering to share your system with the rest of us. Most people who had such a system would keep it to themselves and only show off to others how much money they're making. Lucky for us you're a noble human being. Such magnanimity is rare in this world, so you are to be congratulated.

  9. "I can't wait to hear more about how good you are."

    That's some funny stuff, Alex! Thanks for the chuckle.

    With 237% returns, I suggest you (The other Alex) start a website of your own entitled "A-Trader's Market Analysis" and post your signals daily. I'll shut this site down in a heartbeat and become your #1 follower.

    1. Thanks. I'm certain some find it boring (self included sometimes) with its lack of fancy graphics, charts, T/A, or other relevant stock musings.

      If not for the Comments section, it would be a snooze-fest with no real appeal to visit, especially when one considers the fact that my signals can be delivered right to your door.

    2. If you can publish your real TIME trade log from your broker i will publish my real time trade logs from my broker

      52 TRADE 45 IS WINNER

  10. I'd also like to see your birth certificate, J.

  11. Ok...Anyone care to see my SSN# while I'm at it??? :)