Wednesday, September 12, 2012

All-in short..

All systems are going 100% short today. I will be taking a sizable short position on the close, and will add to it tomorrow if the bullish FOMC day tendency plays out.

Thanks and good luck to us!


  1. I hope this possible down turn has some meat... shorting has been weak recently...

    1. No doubt about that. Up until recently, liquidity has been strong. No longer. POMO flows are negative now and will remain either negative or neutral for the next 1-2 weeks. Sometimes there is a 3-4 day delay, but a pullback is coming. I just hope we don't go to the moon before it arrives.

  2. Only have half the buying power i'd like for this move but i'll be using it to go short! thanks for the updates and gl on the position

  3. Putting on more shorts on the open tomorrow, and above today's HOD... We've got time to get in on this one.

  4. uh, WOW... QE3

    I hope this is a short term pop...

  5. Smoked. Indicators might be technically right.. but news destroys technical indicators.

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