Friday, September 14, 2012

Holding shorts.

All systems remain short. I will hold my 100% shorts over the weekend. I think TZA will make a 10% move to the upside within the next 1-2 weeks. Of course, it doesn't matter what I believe, nor am I qualified to give investment advice. But today or Monday is a short term top...


  1. I gave up... sold everything, taking a break and re-evaluating my trading situation.

    Glad my TSP is doing good... IRA, not so much.

    Thanks and have a great week-end!!!

  2. Apparently QE3 means all chart patterns are now meaningless, all rules are cancelled, all signal invalid. Nothing works except a perma-bullish stance. I was proud of myself for selling TNA at a recent high and buying TZA at a recent low -- all for naught, for twas the day before QE3. I guess the name of the game now is cut my losses, stop the bleeding, and buy TNA or XIV. They're cheap, regardless of how expensive.

  3. I disagree with you on this. Qe3 is priced in by now, we have been rallying since 1270, so 200 points for qe is a good price. I think the market will test previous high of 1426 which if holds will be the time to go long and sell all tza or other short positions. Remember the market rally when nobody thought it could and will pullback when everyone thinks it wont...

  4. large inflow to MF's last week of $11B ... Everyone is panic-buying. I'll stay my course, thank you. This is trading, so get used to it.

    Odds for predicting the action next week are mixed, depending upon how far back you run your analyses. But one I like is the 76% odds for a down day Monday.

    As the famous trader, Jesse Livermore, once said, "it's not the trading that makes you money -- it's the sitting and waiting". Fellas, I hope your butt's sore. Of course, keep in mind that that "greatest of all traders" went bankrupt 3 times, became a serious millionaire shorting the great Crash, then wrote a book on trading, and the next year committed suicide. What a role model, 'eh? Woo hoo!!

  5. Actually, 30% of my trading portfolio remains in TZA, despite my paradoxical rant above. I'm sure it will soon resume its drop so someone please tell me when we hit a good jumping off point.