Thursday, September 20, 2012


Still nothing new. All systems remain short. Thanks!


  1. If anyone wondered what I meant yesterday when I said "Doubt we see much until then, as they peg the mkts to bleed premium off the options", then just look at today... and esp AAPL at $700. That is pegged, and so is the mkts.

    I covered some of my shorts that (I built on the way up) this morning. Wish I had covered more (given the ~90 pts rally in YM since I covered), but I can't argue w/profits. Sorry, J, I just had too much shorts on for this action, and I needed to lighten up.

    Bears need a gap down open tomorrow... and if they can't do that, then they probably have to wait for "post options expiration selloff day", Monday, for any more gifts.

  2. I covered my SOXL short position Entry price 33.22 covered at 29.95

  3. I think tomorrow will gap up and be green, but I expect a few big red daily candles next week. Looks like I'm holding my shorts over the weekend.

    1. Makes me feel a little better as I currently feel like I should have sold even yesterday afternoon...