Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Status quo...

The Composite System will continue to hold the 100% short position. Both systems are producing hold signals again. Days like today require some extreme patience, but I'm hoping this short signal pays off later this week. Time will tell. Big day tomorrow... Take care.


  1. Me too so I don't have a bad taste on the market as I go on vacation...

    We'll see ;)

  2. JT - thanks for the Firefox browser tip regarding comments difficulties. I, too, been having them with this site, and I DO use Firefox as the browser... will check it out.

    Signal came in at 3:49pm Eastern today... you are SPOILING us with all that robust reaction time! :)

  3. Interesting - I use Firefox with AdBlock Plus and I haven't had any problems posting comments.

    1. Michele, I think it's the combo of firefox, adblock, and disguised tethering. When I'm on my home network, same as you I have no problems with adblock.

  4. Put on some more shorts today, J. Will keep building, patiently, and slowly. If we get a good down day, I'll take off the lowest basis stuff, and try to ride the rest, lower.

    ALEX: I emailed ya. Dunno if you got my email or not. Sent it to : sweenrose@yahoo.com

  5. I'm adding shorts here, also. Twist isn't QE3 so I think we'll go down on this news...