Thursday, June 21, 2012

Composite moving to 100% cash.

Bam! Nice to see the first official Composite signal turn into a winner. I was sweating it. The JTrader model will go 100% long today. It loves to see this big of a drop in a healthy market. In a healthy market, it assumes we'll resume the up move tomorrow and thus today gives us a great entry price . However, before we get frisky on the long side, the CCI is saying "be patient" as it hasn't reached it's exit criteria just yet. It will remain short. Add it all up, and the composite will move to 100% cash with conflicting underlying signals. Thanks and see ya tomorrow!


  1. There you go, J. Some realtime trading. Thanks.

  2. Enjoyed that one, especially after loading on some more TZA after hours yesterday. Thanks J.

  3. Nice job on the first official real-time composite system trade, J!

    I'm w/you on "no rush to get long" here, though. Today was controlled selling -- no real panic selling. Any bounce will just be shorted as we haven't washed-out/capitulated yet.

    That said, I took off a few shorts at the close today -- simple profit management. Stops are in on remainders at B/E+1. If we gap down huge tomorrow, I'll cover more.

    Love it when the charts work so well. My forecast from yesterday for the break of Sp500 1341 being key was right-on. They took 'er down to 1341.25, spent ~40min trying to support that area, and then, bam, the floor fell out.

  4. Thanks, JKH... enjoy your time away.

    The CCI appears to be headed for a buy signal today... if so, this will place the Composite System all in long. I will update later today. Cheers.

  5. J-You use SPX for your readings, right? Rut is rebalancing tonight, will that skew your call? Thanks

  6. Lana, The RUT is not considered in either of my systems. Thanks for the heads up, though.