Tuesday, June 12, 2012

JTSystems sells... CCI still short.

Original JTrader system is selling the long position after only one day. No short signal, although it's close. The CCI is remaining short. Generally, this is where I would take a partial short position on the close, but I may hold onto XIV a little longer.

Thanks and good luck.


  1. Thx, J... today was a very good day, grabbing up TNA and FAS below yesterday's LOD. Good call on the strong buy yesterday.

    I'm going to sell half this above today's HOD during tomorrow's trading, if I can, and try to ride the rest a bit more -- until you get short signal.

    The SP500 and Dow daily are still working on that mini inv H&S I warned about a few days back. Would be nice to build-out the RS a bit more, but, if it doesn't, the MM targets are 13,200 and 1400, for the Dow and Sp500, respectively. That's 600 Dow pts that I want to get.

    See my notes in prior blog about your XIV substitution for TNA. Hope that helps. Some of those VIX-related ETFs are pure garbage and only worth shorting as they will bleed for eternity.