Wednesday, June 13, 2012

JTSystem Buy signal.

Systems are opposing each other once again with the CCI System remaining short and the JT System generating a fresh buy signal.

I have a partial XIV position now underwater due to deviating from my plan. (That will teach me.) With opposite signals, I should be moving to the sidelines. I'm still testing the results of merging the two systems into one. So far, the results look promising but I've got much more data to sift through before I can make any definitive statement.

See ya tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for all your hard work. Would you mind figuring out the success % of each system when they are synced with each other, and also when they are opposite? I'm wondering if it may be worth passing on a J-T System Buy signal when CCI is Short if the success rate is low, and vice versa. Thank you J-Trader!

  2. As per the plan, I exited half today above yesterday's HOD. I have a stop at B/E+1 on the remainder, just to be safe.

    I can see why your systems have conflicting signals here, J. The inv H&S patterns continue to form on daily Dow & SP500 and we are at the bottom of the LS range. So, entering long here is going to be one of those positions where you will either love it or hate it -- passionately -- because the mkt is primed to make a big move off this level.

    If that inv H&S fails, I will then look for the next major reversal pattern to form (quite a bit lower) -- odds of it working are very high.

    Good luck w/the XIV play, J.

  3. Yeah, I was wondering about maybe doubling up when BOTH CCI and J-T system are synced. Like it seemed like the double short may 30th was good.

    Maybe if they both eventually sync-- like the june 1 buy on CCI to go with the already existing buy signal. Good stuff J-T!