Monday, May 14, 2012

Holding longs.

Both models once again are maintaining the long position with hold signals. I'm waiting for the JTSystem to give an unhealthy buy signal before committing more capital on the long side. Hopefully a bounce is coming soon. Sentiment seems bearish enough for a bounce to occur this week. Take care.


  1. Added FAS & TNA today. Will exit higher lots on a bounce, and swing the others. Still keeping room to add more, though, esp on a big red-stick candle day. My systems are saying to keep playing longs, here, too, fwiw. Just one of them times where you gotta plug yer nose and trust the systems.... and don't over-leverage yer acct.

  2. Thanks, JKH.

    BTW, could you tell us about your, er, I mean, yer, systems?