Friday, May 11, 2012

Hold confirmed.

Both systems are producing hold signals keeping them long over the weekend. Have an enjoyable one.


  1. 4 days of consolidation -- mkts should have a good move from here.... either way.

    I'm still betting up w/ya, J, and still building the long position. Today was a good one to get FAS at the open on that JPM news from the night before. Mkts had had plenty of time to chew on that. Looking for $97 on this FAS position, or an exit signal above my basis, whichever comes first.

    Sentiment is largely bearish and a lotta MF money left the mkts last week, so the masses are thinking and betting down. That, too is good for your long signal, J.

  2. FWIW, FAS had a very high correlation to TNA for the past year.

  3. Futures are bleak this morning...

  4. the market is stupid, or maybe we are