Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Double Short...

Both systems are moving to short signals today. The JT System sells the long position (finally) and goes 100% short TNA. CCI also takes a 100% short position using TNA. Thanks!


  1. thx! both feeds (twitter and text on blogsite) were in by 3:40... what a luxury!

  2. Ha, miracles do happen. Let's see if I can perform another miracle and get some CCI stats posted!

  3. Tx, J. Our call on the washout day over a week ago was 1 day early, but ultimately correct. Hopefully everyone here took advantage of the buying opportunity that that brought.

    With today's up move, I took off a few of my longs, but not much.
    With the base having taken a week to build, sentiment still broadly negative (MF outflows -$4.6B last week), charts haven't yet gotten back up to prior support on most US indices, the ascending wedge on 120min YM A/S chart going into the apex, and no "panic buying" happened today. charts are suggesting that we should be able to short from a better vantage point. Also, my "no shorts for 3 weeks" signal is only in its 2nd week, so I can't join you (yet).

    I hope your short works for ya, here, and, if it does, I'll join you by buying back in on the long trade that will come after the short.

    Give me a gap up open tomorrow, and I'll peel off a few more longs.

    Friday is the big JOBS number, so mkt will start pricing that in over the next few days.

  4. I know you hate stops, but now I am in the green on a trade I am SO tempted to put a stop in place... which, if triggered (with my luck), puts me out of the market for 3 days...

    I forgot about only using 50% and now I am locked in for 3 days... GROAN

  5. I sold TNA yesterday and had to wait for "buying power" until this morning to buy TZA. My question is, if I put in an order to buy TZA at yesterday's close price when the market opens this morning, will it buy even though it looks to be gapping up this morning? Or will I have to bite the bullet and buy the higher price? Thanks

    1. I would suspect that the markets will head back up once the European markets close, so keep an eye on things after 1130 and you may have a good buying opportunity later this afternoon...

      Well, maybe it started at 1100...

  6. When an order is placed is immaterial. An order will trigger at the current price (or, if there's a limit, at the current price if it's within the limit). So, your TZA will trigger at the price available this morning (i.e., after the gap up).

    Personally, I would wait for the market to retrace a bit of its gap before I bought TZA or shorted TNA.

  7. Thanks that's what I'm doing, now that I didn't get the price i wanted at the open lol