Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Strong buy signal.

4:10pm: The strong buy signal was confirmed. I mean it this time. :) Sold my shorts I bought this morning for a huge profit. Two stellar days in a row. Good night!

Currently, 3:47pm, I'm getting a strong buy signal. Here is the rundown.

SPY closes at 122.62 or higher: Strong buy signal. System covers shorts and moves 50% long.

SPY closes at 122.61 or lower: Cover signal. Systems exits shorts and moves to sideline.

I'm hoping for a cover signal. The fact the VIX is not spiking bothers me. It wreaks of complacency.


  1. Today may be red but a sizable bounce should occur before weeks end.

  2. Didn't catch it at the open and I am not sure I want to chase it at this point... I guess I'll see if there is a pull back sometime today.

  3. Well, moments after I posted the market dumped so I picked up some TNA at 39.92

    I guess we'll see what happens...

  4. Hmmm, well I thought 39.92 was a good deal...

    Maybe I should have waited until 39 came...

  5. RmI how many sensei u have?! Lol

  6. Well, I don't follow any one signal blindly. I monitor several things, do my own chart analysis, then trade based on that.
    Not a complete success, but I am doing a little better than a 50% success...

  7. That's better then IT and J statistic

  8. Oh no, you misunderstand...

    50% successful trades not a 50% return... I WISH

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