Thursday, December 29, 2011

Short confirmed.

408pm: I wasn't expecting to be short so soon again, but here I am back in BGZ (got a great fill price 2 cents from LOD). Even though TZA performed better on the last short trade, I am still hesitant to short small caps right now. Should we continue higher, TZA would burn me worse - and I'm in pretty conservative mode right now as I want to close out the year on a high note - and at or near new equity highs.

Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow!

3:28pm: Here we go again. System goes 50% short (tna) if spy closes 125.66 or higher.


  1. First, a happy New Year to all.

    Second, does the system look like it's going to keep its short going into the weekend?

  2. Too close to call, even at this late hour. :-/