Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Short if TNA closes above 46.30

3:52pm: Ok, I should've been more specific in my first post. TNA just has to finish positive...aka above 46.30... to get the short signal. That is the only requirement today.

3:15pm: If TNA holds these gains through the last 45 minutes we'll easily get a short signal. The system will move to 50% short TNA. I am considering shorting a different leveraged ETF since small caps tend to outperform. I'll be looking to perhaps purchase some BGZ or FAZ.

I had some twitter issues last Friday which caused my tweet to be delayed. I think I have it fixed and hopefully it won't happen again.

I will update in a bit to confirm. Take care!


  1. Another possibility would be go long TVIX or short one of the e-mini futures (NQ, ES, YM).

  2. Thanks for mentioning TVIX. Forgot about that one. Someday I'll get into futures. Maybe I'll make it my 2012 resolution.

  3. Yup, the market's feeling a bit short-term toppy to me right now.

  4. I opted for BGZ. I didn't like that TVIX was down today w/ VIX up 5%.

  5. I agree. I shorted BGU, which is essentially equivalent to buying BGZ.