Friday, December 9, 2011

Short confirmed.

3pm Sat: The short signal was confirmed yesterday. The long position was closed for a nice profit and a 50% short position was initiated. It was a strong short signal which simply means my healthy and unhealthy modes were both generating short signals. By design, it's difficult to get a healthy short signal because I developed the healthy mode for the sole purpose of riding uptrends. So confidence is fairly high that we'll see some type of pullback early next week. Stats have also been updated. So far Dec is down a couple percent, but hopefully this short signal can bring it back into the black. Hope you all are enjoying the weekend!

2pm Fri: Right now I am getting a strong short signal.... Here is the system rundown.

If SPY closes at or above 125.60 = Sell longs and go 50% short. (Strong short signal)

If SPY closes 125.17 to 125.59 = Sell longs and go to 100% cash.

If SPY closes 125.16 or lower = Hold longs.

Have a good weekend all!


  1. Thank you kind sir. Have a good one!

  2. Good to get back to a winning trade.
    Thanks J-Trader.

  3. First thought - and I don't mean to be too arrogant here - but is everyone a believer already? :)

    Thought number 2, we are going to get a buy signal today. Shorts will be covered on the close, although I took some off the table at TZA 29 via a limit order that I set this morning and was happy to see get filled, even if we see more selling to finish the day. Also, we are flirting with a strong buy signal. A bounce is coming...

  4. I'm turning into a believer.

    I sent you an email that you perhaps didn't see, but I was wondering if you have backtested results for your system that extend further into the past than your live trading period.

  5. I'm a believer J-Trader.
    I appreciate your posts and timely signals.