Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hold confirmed.

The system remains 50% long. Good evening!


  1. Yeah, I think I am going to find a better buy in price...
    Another system I watch just got a buy signal and they tend to be a little late to the party...
    I guess if I wait, I will only miss out on a little more profits ;)

  2. Hello RealMoneyIssues can you tell us where to look at another system? We newbies need all the help we can get :) Thanks!!

  3. I have three questions regarding your system?

    1. How does it decide to switch from being 50% invested to being 100% invested?

    2. Does your backtesting suggest that the system is more profitable being invested 50% some of the time when there's a signal and 100% some of the time as opposed to being 100% whenever there's a signal

    3. About what percentage of the time that your system is in the market is it 50% invested and what percentage is it 100% invested?


  4. 1) I need a 2nd consecutive buy signal. I haven't gotten one yet. If we get a pullback, it will probably trigger.

    2) Yes, because in the past getting 2 signals was much more common and it very often improved the cost average. My system up until recently was sometimes too early with the signal. I can only guess that the excessive volatility is messing with my signals. I'm not going to fudge with it b/c these big swings won't last forever. Further, I kinda prefer being only 50% invested in this schizo market.

    3) I don't have an exact answer. As you have probably noticed, the system has been half invested this year much more than fully invested. Again though, I don't see this as a bad thing. Being 100% invested can be nerve racking even for seasoned veterans.

  5. sgsullivan, it is a very specific service I pay for, so it isn't something that is easily followed.

    With that said, try a taking a look at these:

  6. You might also take a look at

  7. Thanks RMI and Algyros,

    Here's another guy who seems to have a knack as well:

    Merry Christmas to all and thanks again for this blog!