Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cover shorts.

Cover signal is confirmed. My system is not seeing an edge in either direction now, so it moves to the sidelines.


  1. But, should we cover TVIX?

    Do you think volatility will go down?

    I am thinking not...

  2. Not sure, that is your call. :) I'm just telling you my system can't determine if the next move will be up or down.

  3. It was more of a rhetorical question, but I think I am going to take my profits and run...

    TVIX is pretty volatile... ;)

  4. Taking profits on an 8% daily move is usually considered a good move and a great day. :)

  5. Nice trade call! I was one of the people talking about how you need stops w/ your system a while back..

    Would you be interested in working on creating a trading algorithm based on the system? I already have a working rebate trading algo, looking to expand.

  6. Thanks!

    When u say create an algorithm, do you mean transfer all my excel code into a language that would allow automated trading on a platform such as tradestation?

    If so, yeah that sounds interesting.

  7. J,
    I have been following your system for awhile, thanks for all the help. I wonder if you could give some yearly stats for your system:
    percentage of winners for short and buys and the win ratio, drawdowns. Also, the rate and percentage for strong buys and sells. I think this would help and be interesting.

  8. I'm not a programmer, but I have a friend who is. If you're interested in a second opinion, I'm sure that he'd be willing to program code for your system that would allow it to be automated on Tradestation or Multicharts. I'm at:

  9. I would love to help. I have some technical background (masters in electrcial engineering) and swing trade ETF aswell. I work fulltime so my preference is not to be watching the market every minute.

    LEt me know how can I help if needed. thanks. Pedro (pe*8*le*8*al*8*5@*8*gm*8*ai*8*l.c*8*om

  10. J, an overall 2.75% trade yesterday so THANKS !!!
    Oh, and thank you for helping me get my huge loss from the August drop back. I am up a little, which is a heck of a lot better than where I was on 8/9/2011 :-)

    Thoughts for today?

  11. I share your joy on recovering from those losses. August was absolutely horrible for me. Now I'm closing out my year with my account near 2011 highs. I'll take it!

    As for today, my system is showing a short again...

  12. sounds good, what's your e-mail address or send me a message