Sunday, June 26, 2011


We are on vacation all week in Middle TN, but I'll do my best to post signals before the close each day.  I doubt I'll have much else to say besides what the system signal is. One thing I wanted to mention was that Friday was a strong buy signal.

Based on previous strong buy signals we have a:

1)  40% chance of a 10% gain in 3-6 days.
2) 80% chance of a higher close within 3 days.
3) 95% chance of a higher close within 2 weeks.


  1. Sounds like someone needs to invest in a smart phone


  2. Have one, and I've updated my page from it before...but it can't run my system, so if I'm away from the laptop, I'd have to try to crunch the numbers in my head which is asking a lot from my head. :)

    I'll be upgrading to a Samsung Infuse shortly. (i'm stuck on att) It should easily crush my motorola backflip which is 1 step above junk.