Monday, June 20, 2011

Sell signal confirmed.

3:45pm: Looks like the short signal is gone, guys.  A sell signal is on tap for today.  The system moves to the sidelines on the close. Again, no short signal today.

As of 12:45pm, we are getting a short signal.  If today's strength persists into the close, the short signal will be confirmed.


  1. Wow, long to short... That doesn't bode well for tomorrow and my very long longs... :(

  2. Interesting call. Have to study this one.

  3. Too much risk for upside for the system to go short right now.

  4. J-Trader, where can I read more about your methodology?

  5. Nitin, I've posted bits and pieces in the past. When I have a chance later this week, I'll accumulate everything into a single post. Thanks for visiting.

  6. J-trader
    Have been following your site for a couple of weeks now.
    I am interested in seeing how well this performs. You do a good job so far documenting your comments and results.
    Will be very interested in seeing your post later this week.
    Thank you

  7. "J-Trader said...
    Too much risk for upside for the system to go short right now."

    oops, too late for me... :(

    Futures up this morning, looks like another bad decision by me...

  8. J-Trader,

    I am looking forward to your consolidated post. I have been visiting your blog for some weeks now and it has me intrigued.