Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buyable Dip!

4:15pm: Wow, what a great day! Looking forward, there may be another day or two of selling. It wouldn't surprise me. But we'd probably get another buy signal to put the system all in for the eventual bounce. Or we may bounce from here. Who knows... All I know is I like to see my account gain over 4% in 1 day! :)

3:25pm: My system is not fooled, this dip is buyable and comes with very good chances it will be profitable! :) Buy signal is confirmed. Closing short position and initiating 50% long position on close.

11:06am: It's another good day for the system. I was a bit bummed by the gap down, but stuck to the plan and had my orders placed to execute on the open. With TZA up over 3% already, it looks like the first trade in June is going to be a winner. And it also looks like it might be a brief one. I'm getting a buy signal at the current time. We'll see if it holds into the close.


  1. Do you short TNA or buy TZA?
    I noticed on your June trades it is listing only TNA prices. Where you in TZA until your buy signal?
    Thanks !!

  2. On June 1, I sold all my TNA on the open and immediately bought TZA. In general though, I will short TNA or buy TZA, basically whatever I feel like at the time. It also depends on if shares of TNA are available for shorting. To keep things simple, I just post TNA prices as the percentage gain/loss will be nearly identical. Sometimes I go crazy and short TZA to get long. :)