Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Short confirmed

4pm: Got it.  $VIX was 15.55 at the close.  I am now 50% short... for better or worse. 

3:49pm: Short signal is waning.... $VIX must close at or below 15.57.  Currently 15.59... Watch this number as it will determine whether the system holds onto its long position or goes short. 

3:30pm:  Still on track for a short signal at the close.   Will be closing my long and initiating a 50% short position...

11:16pm:  A couple things... First, I had set a limit buy order for the closing price (88.35) yesterday and to my surprise it was hit while I was away from the computer.  Second and more importantly, I am getting a short signal.  Assuming it can hold into the close, I'll sell my longs and take a 50% short position.  Will be back later with an update...


  1. Bye J-Trader. You had 6 subscribers before this message and in a moment you'll be down to 5. I find your post too inconsistent to follow - even between today and yesterday it's unclear whether you are in TNA, or waiting, or oops you really are in...

    If you flip flop this often day to day, your I'm left with no choice but to be largely skeptical of your record and the integrity of you trading model, your trades, and you.

    Don't bother with a reply; I won't see it.

  2. Ok, thanks for your input. For others who are still visiting, I would suggest you don't watch what I do...I am human and will stray once in a while. Watch what my system does...It has clearly been long since Apr 18 and it looks like it's flipping to short at 4pm.

    Goodbye aaba5476-7019-11e0-884c-000bcdcb2996, or however you pronounce that. :)