Tuesday, April 12, 2011

out of town...

6pm: Today generated another buy signal. That's 3 in a row. If we don't see a rebound soon, I'll be surprised. The system is averaged in 100% long TNA at 86.37. I'm in a bit better shape since I waited til this morning to buy my 2nd batch of TNA. I'm "all in" averaged at 85.28. The next week or so should be interesting. Even if we see some continued downside the next few days, I'm expecting a sizable rally starting Friday at the latest. Until then, I'll be holding tight.

2:44pm post from my dumb smartphone (aka Motorola Backflip, aka Soon to be paper weight)
I don't have my laptop so no system update til tonight. Probably another buy signal... before i left this morning i placed a limit buy order for my other 50% at 83.00. I see it filled and then some...im now averaged in at 85.25ish...now I have to sit back and wait for a rally.

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