Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another hold...

3:50pm:  TNA is right back where I sold this morning, now moving even higher as I type.  Oh well...maybe there will be a small pullback next week I can buy back in.  Official signal is a hold.  Enjoy the extended weekend!

I was thinking we would see a sell signal today.  I sold all my longs on the open with the thought that we'd at least see a fill of today's gap.  No way 2 sizable consecutive gaps could go unfilled, right? Well it looks like today filled and now we are probably headed higher.  There is no sell signal in sight, at least not that I can see.  I'm hoping today provides a bit more weakness so I can get back long again, in accordance with the system.  Again, today will probably be another hold signal, but check back before the close. I will be away from the computer this afternoon, but I should be back just before the close.

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