Friday, July 12, 2013


All systems remain short. Will continue to hold. Thx. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hey J, I appreciate the blog and would like what you're doing. I'm the guy who suggested stop losses a while back during that other nasty downturn. I've got a few ideas if you're open to them:

    1. The fed is propping the market up. It's hard to bet against that. (Somehow take into consideration unnatural market conditions.)

    2.If you have some free time, I'd say check out the % winners long vs short calls.

    3. Consider trying this strategy with options? So you have some defined risk, and can stomach the swings more easily.

    Best of luck! -Justin

  2. Added to my ES short position Friday w/ya J, but will take half that off if we gap down sizably Monday, and will exit the rest of that batch if we close down firmly Monday. If we close flat/up Monday, I'll try to exit that batch for B/E+1. Just some decent odds set up for a down day Monday and I want to play them -- figured you could use some more company, too.

    I'm expecting to see more selling start to come into the mkts up here over the next week or so. The usual summer rally should be ending about now (having run its course). The Boyz did their plan and now sentiment has shifted strongly bullish (as the Boyz liquidate quietly), and usually the masses are wrong. A whopping $12B flowed into the mkts last week from the masses (Note: they were big net sellers during the last local low). Thank god for the morons. The masses won't call the tops (wrong) w/surgical precision, but generally, still quite accurately. As I see more signals saying to load up more on shorts (esp if the mkt continues to grind higher), I will add more into strength and put more size on rather than keeping it small as I have been.

  3. As one of those morons who is long, it's my pleasure to do my bit to pad your account.