Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hold signals

All systems remain short. I'll continue to hold. Need about 3 more weeks of this kind of action... :)


  1. J, we are going to have more fun here.... I'm not only holding, I added more ES shorts today and (unusual for me) sold some calls, too. In the words of Monty Python, "We ain't dead yet."

    As I posted over the weekend, the Boyz are doing a nice job... it's looking more now like they got the masses to capitulate Friday and now the ES is lower... and room to go. I think we will ultimately see that, once again, the moronic masses bought the top (after selling the 6/24 low). WTG!

    And, J, TNA should catch up to ES on any more downside...

    The sentiment (very recently) turned so nutzo here... That big $$$ inflow I mentioned... 3x more bulls than bears, ...the bearish percentage is at a 17 month low! All that combines to what is usually a pretty good tail-wind for shorts... and good time to sell stuff that bleeds... hence the short calls.

  2. Interesting analysis. Your arguments are compelling.

    Alex the moron