Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another short signal.

I'm not sure this means anything anymore, but both the JTS and CCI are giving fresh short signals today. 3rd times the charm, perhaps... I will continue to hold my short positions. Thanks!


  1. J I have a question about Healthy and Unhealthy mode i looked at your system info I have found this info written by you. According to this article you were supposed to stop 50 % of position on 01 JULY 2013 but you did not update this INFO until today.

    After the late July/early August waterfall decline, it became obvious that some sort of stop loss criteria was needed to protect capital and prevent huge losses. After some testing and research, the best choice was a partial stop loss when my model flips modes in the opposite direction of the current position. For example, if the system is long but flips to unhealthy mode, 50% of the position will be stopped out at the closing price on the day of the flip. Similarly, if we are short and the system flips to healthy mode, half of the position will be stopped. The other half of the position will be given the opportunity to ride it out until the next signal.

    I am just curious because my system is on Healthy mode since 31 December 2013 and has never been unhealthy mode

    Am I wrong or i am missing something on your system ? If you want to discuss and exchange system info with me I can reach you if you have e mail adress to discuss privately.

    Thank you

  2. Blindly hanging on for dear life. Lord have mercy. At this point, TZA represents "only" 26% of our trading portfolio, and not 100%. So of course TZA allocation is slightly less, percentagewise, every day.

    1. My most recent trade was May 22, sold more than 1/2 of my TZA @ 31.66. Should have sold all.

  3. Sorry J i figured out you don,t use Healthy and unhealthy modes on JT Composite because i have found your post on Wednesday, April 24, 2013. So my understanding There are none built INTO JT composite as a stop rules sorry for my confusing .

    Thanks ALEX

  4. you sure that's a short signal not long, seems like every time it fires up a short signal, TZA down almost 3% next day each time

  5. Great signal, TZA down over 20% since your 1st 100% short signal

  6. What you say is true, but simply an expression of negativity. Do you have better ideas than J? If so, post them.

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  8. James Trad,
    J here is being very magnanimous in sharing his system with others. If you do not like it, why spend time visiting and even more time commenting? Just wondering on what motivates you to spend energy where there is no return for you!

    No disrespect to you; you may be an excellent trader. However, this blog belongs to J so please give some respect to that. J has helped a lot of us here make gains so in an adverse market situation like this, it is not fair to have someone like yourself come in and take potshots at him.

    Please desist from doing so. Appreciate your reading and understanding this.