Monday, July 8, 2013

Hold signals.

I can tolerate a 1-2% loss in my TZA each day. That is somewhat ok with me in the world of trading. What kills me is how badly my UVXY is getting crunched these past few sessions. Hurts to even look.... However, I will continue to hold on for higher prices. All systems remain short... Hope the weekend went well. I had the pleasure of riding Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point. What a blast! Take care.


  1. I am capitulating. Going to cash as I don't see what your system sees and I don't know how much more my account can take.

    If we were long and getting crushed I might consider sitting in this longer.

    Good luck J and thanks!!

  2. UVXY is a definite "ouch!"

    Take care,

  3. hang in there. Many systems out there are a bit cautious and this market can significantly deflate with any bad news.

  4. Gotta trade small when a system is holding for like 10% hits, even if it has good yearly gains

  5. Added another set of ES to my existing short w/ya, J. Still, leaving room to add more on more upside. The usual scale in/out.

  6. I am taking a large position for Tza today at closing price .