Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Broken record...holding...

All systems remain short. Would love to see a top today, but probably not gonna happen. More fun tomorrow....

July signals....

Date JT Composite... XIV/TNAJ-TraderCCI
Jul 1 100% Short TNA19.86/47.81Short Short
Jul 2 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 3 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 5 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 8 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 9 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 10 100% Short TNA HoldHold
Jul 11 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 12 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 15 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 16 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 17 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 18 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 19 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 22 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 23 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 24 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 25 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 26 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 29 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 30 100% Short TNAHoldHold
Jul 31 100% Short TNAHoldHold


  1. When you say more fun You meant this J :) I am surprised your J trader didn,t jump on strong buy signal.

  2. What buy signal. This the first I hear head of your buy signal.

  3. Am I missing something? I don't remember it, nor do i seel it.

  4. I should add that I've been long since July 5th, but, as JKH will corroborate, that doesn't mean anything since I'm a moron.

  5. Algyros, I thought you were a stickler for following J verbatim?

    1. seems we've heard some sharp reprimands for hedging the signal at times. not sure the source...

    2. David, I'm not reprimanding anyone, I merely asked an honest question of Algyros because I respect the attitude he has for the market. I've been a watcher on this board for over 2 years and have read enough of your posts complaining about how terrible of a system this is when a trade goes against us. You're clearly too emotional when it comes to trading. Algyros, on the other hand, is very methodical in his approach and I just wanted him to shed some insight. I'm personally diversified across J's and several other systems/strategies, some of which are my own. I don't deviate from any of the system signals I follow, even during lag periods like we've had here the last month.

    3. Hey, Enzo, I didn't say you reprimanded anyone. Your question makes perfect sense. And your analysis (of me) may be close, although I'd really like to see you copy and paste any of my msgs "complaining about how terrible of a system this is," because there have been none. As we've said many times, the market is unknowable. That is not an attack on the J-System, or any other. Like you, I prefer to spread the risk, rather than commit 100% to a single system. I am not quite so brave as some. Cheers.

    4. I agree that risk should be well diversified across a variety of sectors. Sorry if my comment above came off a bit harsh. I'm not here to bash anyone, just want to expand my trading proficiency. Best of luck to us and anyone else riding the J-train!

  6. J, I'm still hanging on with you, with about 1/3 my trading portfolio. Is the system signal strictly for monies already following the current signal, or is it intended for new money as well?

  7. Fair question, Enzo. I decided to sit back and observe J's system for a while, because I just wasn't sure that it had weathered enough market environments to be fully robust.

    There are other, simpler systems, that have been around for a long time. I've mentioned the ones I admire most: Marco's and Wishing Wealth.

  8. I also like The Keystone Speculator.

    And I do think that one has to follow a system or not. The vast majority of traders end up losing money because they vacillated too much, deviating from strategies that have been tested. If I start following J's system again, I will do so religiously, without consulting my own views on market direction.

    In the meantime, I will watch the system closely and wih J and others the best of luck. I have nothing but admiration for J, so I do hope that, in the end, his system proves to be spectacular.

  9. the systems must have fired up another strong short signal cos TZA and UVXY down huge again

  10. James,

    Is sarcasm and negativity all that you have to contribute. Surely, there must be an idea in your head that is worth communicating.