Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Still short...

Nothing new again. All systems remain short. The JTS is triggering another short signal today, so we have that going for us. Little consolation, I know. This market is never going down again... TZA is going to 0.01 by the end of the month. No, wait, it's going to reverse split up to 0.04. See ya tomorrow! J


  1. have faith, we do. thank you

  2. Watch out for reverse split on April fool's day

  3. In the face of all this pain a lot of us are feeling, I think that it may make sense to revisit a question I asked a while ago but which fell through the cracks: what would J's systems look like if they took only long trades when the market was deemed healthy (and long and short trades when the market was unhealthy)?

  4. Your right J Spy is not allowed but I am patient and waiting it gets into my short zone to add more money on SPXU .
    J what I learned from this experience is to create second system to bet against my short term system .So I have created a second system now that plays on the bull side and betting to SOXL that makes my system bullet proof I urge you to do same thing because we are not far away from 2011 market crash when it happens if my short term system fails my medium term system will stay opposite side and protect my capitals i hope this would help
    Thanks for your updates

  5. J, I hope that you're surviving this contretemps well. If I can decipher Alex's post, he suggests using an intermediate term system in conjunction with your system. As I've posted here before, the best intermediate term system I've found is Keybot's, and the bet longer term Marco's (Long-Short-Timing).

    Two more things: I don't understand what Alex is saying about a 2011 market crash. If he's predicting a crash I urge people to take that with a huge grain of salt. There's no faster way to insolvency than by trying to call market tops (or bottoms). And I see a huge red flag when he says that his system is "bullet proof." The first and primary rule in investing is to always keep in mind that no system is going to work forever and that all systems can fail at any moment. If you think that you have a bullet proof system, you're in big trouble.

    1. All of his trades are bulletproof, what are you talking about? ;)