Thursday, March 21, 2013

50% Long XIV

JTS is firing off a fresh long signal, but the CCI is not ready to go long yet, but does cover it's short signal and heads to the sidelines. The moves the JT Composite to a 50% long XIV position. I will sit on my hands and continue to wait for a stronger (100%) signal. Thanks!


  1. I'm still holding my TZA...I was very tempted to sell in after hours, but I think we are going down in the very near future. The bad news is starting to trickle in again and we have been booming quite a bit lately without much of a pullback. Time will tell and most likely I'll be wrong because I usually am, but that is my novice opinion. :)

  2. Jared,

    Why are you visiting J's site and leaving comments there if you don't follow his signals?

    You may be a better trader than me, and if so, good luck to you. But when left to my own devices, I don't come close to matching J's record. If you do, again, that's terrific. But I don't understand why you're posting your own discretionary trades on a site devoted to a mechanical system, especially if you don't also post a few years trading results based on your calls.

  3. Alygros, I honestly have nothing I base my calls on except my gut. I'm young and have not been trading long so I can't study charts and come up with a miracle answer to buy or not to buy. The only reason I post little tid bits are so if I have a winning trade I don't get bombarded by people saying I can't take credit for a gain when I never posted that I was buying it or what not (not to mention any names). I do typically follow J's system hand in hand, but there are times I stay on course for a little longer if I have a gut feeling about what is to come. Sorry if I overstepped my bounds by posting anything unrelated to only J's system, but I see people do it all the time so I figured I would post my personal opinion. I'll keep my off topic posts to tsptalk from now on. :)

  4. Don't worry about it, Jared.

    But, if you don't mind a little advice, following your gut will lose you a lot of money in the long run (unless your gut is seasoned by many seasons of trading). Being disciplined in following a proven system is the only way I know for most people to profit in the long run.


    1. You're right and I'm learning my lessons lol. :)

  5. J, quick question. Have you thought about assigning a weight to the JTS vis-a-vis the CCI system? Not saying which weight be larger, if at all. Any thoughts?
    Thanks a lot for sharing your work here. :-)