Thursday, March 14, 2013


New day, same old stuff. My TZA continues to take a beating while I sit here and cringe when I look at my account value dwindling as well. I will continue to hold, however, in hopes that a top is near. Thanks!


  1. Indeed, finally joining you on the short side. This looks like one of those op. ex. set ups where the market rallies on Thursday then sells off big on Friday.

  2. J

    Thanks for sharing. It has to turn.


  3. I added more shorts in after hours...hopefully this turns for the better soon.

  4. Alex, a "bearish crossover" means nothing. What is crossing over? In other words, are you talking about moving averages, MACD, etc. If so, which ones, on what period chart? And what are the settings you're using? Finally, what is the backtested record of this crossover. If you don't include all these data, your statement is useless.

  5. Bearish crosover means Spy triggered short signal I am using daily charts and 21 different indicators to confirm bearish or bullish crossovers, The only problem Dow 30 not crossed yet

  6. Instead of constantly wondering if I should buy or sell the market, an undiscovered stock with good momentum, in a sector which benefits from unemployment, is making life simpler. I bought BBSI Feb. 1, and forgot the constant trades. That's working for now, but maybe it's time to consider TZA again.

  7. Well, according to eSignal, SPY triggered a bearish (7,3,3) stochastic crossover on the daily chart. Not a real good one though (%K=81, %D=89). However, it has yet to exit its rising regression trend channel, so it's still too early to declare the uptrend over. Soon, maybe, but not quite yet. Unless you want to be adventurous.

    1. Well, considering how long we have been on a short signal...

      Yes, we are adventurous :)