Friday, March 8, 2013


The JTS is producing another (meaningless??) short signal, as is the CCI system.  Not that it matters to me since I'm not getting any shorter than I already am.  For anyone with money laying around, it may be a good time to short.  But I should mention, you'd have to be a little loony to do so...

I'm off to enjoy a drink and my weekend.  Hope you have a pleasant one.


  1. Enjoy both your drink and your weekend. And thanks.

  2. Have a great week-end J...

    I hope to so I can forget the markets...

  3. thanks J. im still with ya here

  4. There is a really nice 1x1 move that is completing around here... SP500 chart... It'sa biggie, and goes back to June of last year... 6/1 - 9/14 is the first move... into 11/15 is the pullback... now 11/15-3/8 is the 2nd move. Log Y-axis scaling. That natural 1x1 move is a biggie... accordingly, the turn points are a smidge sloppy, so don't expect it to turn on a dime. Expecting the mkts to start consolidating the trend action of the past 4 months.