Thursday, February 23, 2012

Short signal if...

System sells longs and takes a short position in TNA if SPY closes 136.65 or higher.

SPY 136.54 to 136.64 is just a plain sell signal. No Short.

136.53 or lower, hold longs.



  1. Probably gonna be another close one, RMI. :)

  2. Good Short-Intermediate/Swing Models SHOULD be "Cardiac Kids". Shows good design structure. So said Gerald Appel, designer of many classic Timing Models.

    As of 5:15pm Stockcharts had a SPY close of 136.63. Price fixes are usually stable by that time.


  3. I saw it at 136.96 and went short .....Ughhhh (I guess)!

    1. I'm not sure my system is perfect enough to say, ok a close 2 cents higher would've produced a significant pullback. But there has to be a cut-off somewhere, there is no getting around that. It's just unfortunate it's been so close lately.

      Don't worry though trader, it may take a few days but I think shorting here will be profitable.

    2. Any status on your CCI Rules, still short?

    3. Cool ....I'll keep an eye on it ....J, thanks for great work and great attitude.... no idea how much appreciated!

    4. No prob!

      As for CCI signals, I initially set it up where it wouldn't short in an uptrending market, but I've been testing new stuff and yes, it went short yesterday.

      I'm going to make a post this weekend about about using a 100% position vs a 50% position and how it's been doing this year. Depending on results we may have a strategy change in March.

    5. Here's a short preview: So far this month, using a 50% strategy, the system is up an impressive 17.06%! However, using a 100% position gives us a return of 29.09%. Yes it introduces more risk which will be discussed this weekend. :)

  4. Thanks, J. I look forward to some good weekend reading.