Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Buy confirmed.

Buy confirmed. Notice the unusually, extremely tight stop on TNA. Technically I won't be using that because the system uses SPY to determine market health. It will only flip to unhealthy mode if SPY 133.64 is broken. If it is broken, it will signal a higher probability of a correction in the near future (finally). If we stay above, obviously all is well and this long position should be fine.

If SPY closes 135.89 or higher, the system goes 50% long TNA. Not a strong buy signal, FWIW. If we dip to 135.88 or lower, the system will remain sidelined.

Take it easy.


  1. Surprise, surprise, surprise... another close call


  2. J, it would be very interesting to see what your system does using the current 50% at a time model as opposed to going all in with every signal.

    You do a lot of work as it is, so if this involves more time than you can spare, please ignore this request.