Friday, February 24, 2012

Another short attempt...

3:50pm: Nothing has changed this afternoon. A close above 137 generates a short signal, otherwise the system remains sidelined. I've got a post planned for the weekend which will detail a strategy change in March. I'll send out a tweet when complete. Have a good one!


The system will try to short again if SPY closes above 137.00.

I just took a small short position this morning as I believe this early strength will not last. This is not a system trade, just a hunch. More later... Happy trading.


  1. The Fed will ensure that it closes above 137 (and Dow above 13k) so we should get ready for a short...

  2. 5:15pm stable price fix (also echoed by another website feed) for SPY at close is 136.93

    This is the second day in a row the model literally "turned on a dime". Ten cents on a one hundred thirty plus dollar security is fairly fine tuning.