Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cover confirmed.

So the system covered on strength today as it believes tomorrow will probably be an up day. However, there is a bit too much risk at this level to go long. If we happen to see a big up day tomorrow, I would put money on the system generating another short signal. Stay tuned and we'll see ya tomorrow.


Weird day today. Here are the final numbers.

Cover shorts and go to sidelines if SPY closes at 136.23 or higher.

Cover shorts and go long if SPY closes 136.08 to 136.22.

If below 136.08, hold shorts.


  1. Work sucks for trading. Once I am out of this trade, I am going to move my money somewhere else...

    Good Luck everyone, I am still short...

    1. Well, on the bright side we didn't get a buy signal so odds do not necessarily favor more upside tomorrow.

    2. Odds favor upside until there is a horrendous downside... I just don't get it, there has got to be people with a ton of money waiting to short the market, then sell like hell...

      Just saying