Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Short signal confirmed.

4:05pm: Short confirmed.
If SPY closes at 130.63 or higher, it is a strong short signal. I will sell longs and go 50% short TNA.

If SPY closes 130.46 to 130.62, we'll get a plain sell signal with no short.

120.45 or lower.... hold longs.

Good evening!


  1. nice. Thank you. I have held my shorts from last week and was wondering whether to bail.

    1. So hopefully you can break even at the end of this. Trade with the system not against. Find you will lose more than you win when you make your own decisions.

    2. Me too and although I will probably not make more than the system, I just wasn't ready to take that loss so early in the year. I will re-evaluate my actions once we move on to the next uptrend.

  2. I'm assuming that the short position will be held today.