Thursday, January 26, 2012

Possible buy... But a hold is expected.

If we get more weakness into the close we could get a buy signal. If SPY closes at 130.78 or lower, the system closes the short position and goes 50% long TNA. Otherwise, SPY 130.79 or higher, it remains short.

Such a nice surprise to see the market can actually go down. Who would've thought?!? (Oops, I'm jinxing it... )


  1. Buy... uh why?

    At this point, I am wondering about shorting in this market now...

    If you get a buy signal soon, then no short signal has worked yet this month...

    What about stops in this example?

    1. No worries. We weren't even close to getting the buy. I just wanted to mention it in case some freak last minute sell off occurred. Futs r down. Lets see some follow through! Cmon bears.

  2. What's up with TNA? Completely opposite of the market. lol

  3. The market sure looks like it wants to turn over.