Thursday, January 19, 2012

Short #2 confirmed.

4:01pm: The 2nd short signal was confirmed. My system and I are 100% short. :)

Today's signal depends on both the VIX and SPY.

If SPY closes above 131.13 and VIX closes above 19.84 we'll get a 2nd short signal. Currently, both of these conditions are being met, but we must watch them into the close. Too much late day strength will send the VIX below the critical level and could result in more upside tomorrow. If the conditions are not met, it will result in a hold signal.

Have a good evening!


  1. Thanks for the posting.
    Short also.

  2. It can't go up forever. My system says the short term top was today. Lets see if its right.

  3. It would be exciting if the system nails it.

  4. J, you nail it again this time. the previous few days are quite nerve raking, though:-)

  5. Well, market is heading back up...

    Kinda like the opposite of last August... Nothing seems to be keeping this market from going up...

  6. One would think with all the earning misses by the major tech companies, we would see some downside. Nope, market stays neutral with no moves instead. Ridiculous how this market makes no sense.