Monday, November 28, 2011

Sell/short confirmed.

Assuming today's SPY range does not break to the upside, I can predict the signal.

If SPY closes above 119.60: Sell longs and go 50% short.

If SPY closes between 119.21 - 119.60: Sell longs.

If SPY closes below 119.21: Hold longs.

Again, these numbers are only valid if SPY does not exceed 120.18. If it does, I'll have to update. Thanks!


  1. Thanks for the detailed instructions.

  2. Thanks guys. How 'bout that last 5-min spike? Wasn't expecting that when I sent my tweet. :)

  3. Quite an unusual day indeed. But hey - I'll take 291 Dow points any way Mr. Market wants to deliver them :-)

  4. I actually ended up making money on that trade after all that roller coaster of price movement. Thanks J-trader