Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October returns ~ 20%

Much like Oct 2010, the system had another stellar month this year. With a +19.67% return this month, the yearly return is back up to a lofty +26.63%.

This places Oct 2011 as the best month ever for my system. Personally, due to a busy schedule on my part with family and work, I missed a few trades and came away with a slightly less impressive 11%... but believe me I am not complaining! :)

Anyway, just wanted to update you that after a horrible August and ho-hum September, my system appears to be back on track. Here's to another double digit month! Cheers.


  1. Thanks for the update and congrats on the impressive Oct results.
    With volatility continuing in the market it should give your system more opportunities for swing trading profit.

  2. Thanks, that's what I'm hoping for also. The volatility is great if you can stay on the right side. Otherwise, you could get run over by a truck just as easily.