Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hold confirmed.

The system will hold its 50% long position for at least another day. The market obeyed my wishes this morning and filled the opening gap allowing my order to be filled. So with nothing else to report, I'll sign off and see ya back here tomorrow.


  1. I'm deviating from my system and taking profits on the long position. B/c of Wed's -400 pt day, I'm bearish in the short term. This big gap up is a gift and I intend to take it. I'm not shorting yet, just selling all my longs. My system is going to flirt with a sell signal today, so I'm jumping the gun a bit.

    Out of TNA at 46.75.

  2. I agree with your point of view.
    I took my profit on TNA also earlier today.
    Thanks for the recommendation.
    Enjoy your website!

  3. Thanks, Jim. It appears I was early, but I'll never complain with a 9% gain on my long position in 2 days. :) If we hold these gains the rest of the day, we'll get a sell signal. If we see a little bit of late day weakness, we might even get a short.